At the 2012 AGM, it was proposed amd agreed by members in attendance, that the CHME executive could appoint 'Ambassadors' to support the executive in a number of ways, including:

  • Increase membership- particularly FE colleges in the UK and European and International Hotel Schools;
  • Attend meetings with external agencies and associations.
  • Represent CHME with external associations
  • Lobby on behalf od CHME when necessary
  • Increase Public Relations 

It was further agreed that the appointed Ambassadors should be Honorary Fellows of CHME.

Professors David Litteljohn and Stephen Ball were officially appointed to the role at the start of 2013 and approved at the 2013 AGM at the CHME Research Conference at Queen Margaret University. 

Following retirement from academia, Professor Stephen Ball resigned from his role as ambassador in 2014.