Eleni Michopoulou


Eleni (Elina) Michopoulou is an Associate Professor in Business Management at University of Derby, UK. She holds a PhD in Accessible Tourism Information Systems from University of Surrey, UK. Her research interests include technological applications and information systems in tourism, online consumer behaviour and technology acceptance. She is particularly interested in the field of accessible and wellness tourism and hospitality, which she has actively been researching for over fifteen years. Eleni has been involved in various research projects on these topics and worked with funding bodies such as the Wellness Tourism Initiative, Tanzania Tourism Board, Africa Oracle and European Commission. Eleni has published over 60 academic journal articles, book chapters and conference papers and is the co-founder of THEINC International Conference. She often acts as guest editor for special issues in service sector journals and sits on the editorial board of over 10 high impact academic journals. Eleni is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Spa and Wellness published by T&F, Routledge


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