Jill Poulston

2013 Jill in Edinburgh

Dr Jill Poulston is Head of Hospitality at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. After fifteen years in hotel management, she began teaching in 1998, completing an MHosp in 2001, and a PhD in 2007, examining ethical issues and workplace problems in the hospitality industry. These projects were the beginning of an enduring interest in a variety of ethical and human resources issues, and have resulted in a number of supervisions and examinations on related topics. Although better known for her work on sexual harassment and workplace problems, more recently, Jill’s interests have moved to less conventional topics such as feng shui, and the New Age hospitality experience. Her current projects include an international study of attitudes to organic food, a study of critical thinking, and an extended project on the relationship between work setting and sexual harassment. She is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and publishes regularly.