Molook Shaher

Molly PACE

Chair of PACE; Middlesbrough College


Molly has over 16 years’ management experience in hospitality, retail & business. Molly’s hospitality career first started in family run businesses 25 years ago in the sector.

She gained her BA in Accounting & Finance in 2003 and her Masters in Management in 2006. Since then Molly has supported growing bespoke Management programs to local industries with local councils, NHS, steel sector and the port industry. Since 2010 Molly has grown Business Management degrees at Middlesbrough College successfully in partnership with Teesside University.

In 2014 Molly took over Foundation degrees in Hospitality/Culinary Management and BA (Hons Hospitality Management). Molly has increased student numbers significantly in the past 4 years through sheer determination. Molly has had the first Masters in Hospitality & Tourism approved in the North East, giving all students an 8-year academic profession in Hospitality. Her strive for excellence in her teaching has supported students successfully gaining Management positions across all sectors of hospitality in the North East. Molly works closely with The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts promoting their ‘Adopt a School’ programme across the North East. Working closely with local primary and secondary schools the college supports the teachers and students to understand the hospitality sector.

Her passion, drive and motivation has clearly lead her to become part of the PACE Executive team in 2017 and now in 2018 National Chair of PACE.