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ABOUT CHME-Employability Forum

The CHME Executive formally reviewed the purpose and future of PATH (the Placement Advisors for Tourism and Hospitality) at the AGM on 29th May 2014. It was agreed to disband this working group and replace it with an Employability Forum which better reflects the current environment. 

It is important that CHME provides a vibrant, up to date platform that allows hospitality professionals and providers of higher education level Hospitality programmes to discuss, consider and research employability; work based learning; placements; graduate opportunities and graduate training schemes and other student related activities within this exciting and broad industry.

Ioannis Pantelidis and Sofia Rebelo, members of the CHME executive committee are actively engaging with educators and hospitality professional to provide the best opportunities for hospitality students.  We welcome new ideas and initiatives to support the aims and objectives.  We welcome the views and opinions of all interested parties.

In 2016, the executive agreed that the group should be renamed -  â€‹Employability Forum

The CHME executive committee are pleased to announce, that this forum will have a new innovative approach to employer relations and engagement. CHME welcomes all organisations who are working towards improving the relationship between employers and universities for the benefit of students. 

The new purpose for the CHME-Employability group is to focus on developing positive relationships between HEIs, Hospitality Employers and industry representative bodies, through one sponsored activity a year which will be FREE to all member institutions.​

CHME Employability forum

Aim:  The aim of this forum is to provide a platform which allows hospitality professionals and providers of HE to discuss a range of contemporary issues to enhance hospitality careers. 



  1. Promote effective and beneficial links between hospitality professionals and education providers with a focus on employability and talent management.

  2. Facilitate dialogue that enhances good practice in learning, teaching and assessment to support graduate employability.

  3. Promote CHME as the employability partner for Hospitality Providers

  4. Promote and disseminate knowledge which informs work based learning and leadership development practices in tourism and hospitality organisations



Good Practice Guidelines for Work Placement

A set of Guidelines for the operation of work placements has been available for a number of years and is still relevant today.  Work placement requires a strong commitment from the three key partners: the student, the employer and the educator.  This leaflet which is freely available on the CHME website summarises what each of the partners needs to think about if nof educators and employers with many years of experience in operating work placement, and on the feedback of students who have participated in work placement as part of their course.  Click here to access the Good Practice Guidelines. To get a copy of the PaTH Good Practice Leaflet, click here.

Other resources and training

Information about these activities will be publicised on the CHME website as they become available. 

Past conference themes have addressed topical issues such as:

•           'Profitable Partnerships: adding value through quality work placements' (Oxford 2006);

•           'International Issues in Work Experience: A Key Focus for Hospitality and Tourism' (Liverpool 2007);

•           '2020 Vision: tourism and hospitality work placements fit for the 21st century?' (Dublin 2008)

•           'Investing in talent for a positive future: the role of hospitality & tourism work placements' (Edinburgh 2009)

•           'Adding real value to businesses: hospitality & tourism work placements' (London 2010)

Please contact Isabell R Hodgson- CHME Coordinator for all queries relating to CHME-Employability Forum

Email- i.r.hodgson@sky.com