Patricia Walker

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An international business woman and associate professor based in London and affiliated to Peking University. Latest publication with Springer and Peking University is China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports 2013 

An extensive Hospitality and Tourism international industry and academic background is applied as an industry board director, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, international book editor and reviewer, enterprise judge, external examiner, accreditation expert, keynote speaker, visiting professor, EU funded partner across Asia, China, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America.

Professional practice and consultancy - previous roles include validation leader and partner for international partners, International Hospitality Management subject field director, MBA Hospitality and Tourism Management founder and leader, Cyprus Government Accreditation panel member for Hospitality and Tourism provision,  Assumption University Thailand BA Hospitality programme developer, Sri Lanka Mount Lavinia Hotel School consultant, Greek Cyclades Islands Hospitality and Tourism adviser, Ministry of Tourism Cuba International consultant and Ministry of Higher Education Adviser. Ministry of Culture, China, Expert Panel international representative, Founder partner and Non Executive President of International Alliance Cultural and Creative Industries, China National Tourism Administration representative to Eastern Chinese Provinces, Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang. Chinese seminar coordinator. Adviser to Hunan Province

Thought leader, key note speaker, visiting professor, mentor, strategic adviser for culture and creative industries curriculum development, industry training, customer relations applications, food and beverage development, small and micro business projects with industry and government partners including IBM Smarter PLanet Lab, LDA, British Expertise, Cranfield, European Social Fund, British Council, CEGB, Addenbrookes Hospital, tourist boards in UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Sicily, Cuba, Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Russia, Romania, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China.

Professional qualifications - MA Comparative Employment Relations, Postgraduate Diploma, Institute of Personnel Management, Training Officer Diploma, Institute of Training and Development, Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Institutional Management Queen Margaret University

Research interests - Cultural and Creative Industries, natural disaster management, business of restaurants, tourism education, SME's

The first UK hospitality industry female to be conferred with a Master’s degree in 1987 with the thesis on Productivity in London and Berlin Hotels – used as source material for NIESR productivity reports.

PhD Funding Awards - VC scholarship Alex Callard, Savoy Education Trust scholarship Peter Lugosi

Founder partner of four applied centres: International Association of Culture and Creative Industries International Institute for Culture Tourism and Development, Institute for the Study of Cuba and the Cities Institute Cultural and Creative Cluster.

Lecturing background in Corporate Strategy, Business of Restaurants, Design, Contemporary Issues in Service Industries.

Book reviewer for Pearson, McGraw Hill, CABI, Routledge, Prentice, Thomson, Chapman & Hall

Publications ( 2013 name change to Patricia Walker)

International research publications in culture creative industries, micro enterprise, natural disaster management, hospitality and restaurant development, tourism strategy, training and education

Walker, P., Xiang, Y., (2013) Editors, Understanding China, China Cultural and Creative Industries Reports, Springer-Verlag, Germany

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Allmond, M., Ellesley, M., Warnes, T., Wood, P., (1981) ‘Continental Craft Study - Germany’ published HCTB, London



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Peking University
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Assoc Professor, Hon Researcher
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hospitality, tourism, business and corporate strategy, cultural and creative industries

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Manchester Metropolitan University
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MBA Hospitality Mangement
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2011- 2014
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IMI Luzern
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MBA Hospitality and Tourism
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