A teaching and research tool for hospitality Academics

6th Nov 2017

A new website to help researchers and students analyse trends in menu design has been developed at the University of Brighton. has been created by academics from the University’s School of Sport and Service Management and the project was led by Principal Lecturer in Hospitality Dr Ioannis S. Pantelidis.


Dr Pantelidis said: “The website is an archive of more than 500 menus and an interactive teaching tool that can be used to review and analyse trends in menu design, pricing, and food and beverage trends.


“The website can be used by academics and students both inside and outside the University of Brighton – it is free and available to all educators and researchers provided any use of its content is for educational purposes.


“Users can upload menus so the archive is growing all the time.”


We invite all academics working in the field of food and beverage management to utilise  the tool for their teaching and research and help us grow the archive even more! Thank you in advance for your participation.


Brighton University