CHME Research And Support for Doctoral Students

30th Sep 2021

Details of the next series of workshops are detailed below.

The Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) is pleased to continue its research training and support for doctoral students for the academic year 21/22. We would like to invite you to register for the following workshops.   

Workshop 1: Demystifying the Hospitality Viva

When: Wednesday October 27th at 4-5pm UK time

Link to Register:

Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Ioannis Pantelidis

Hospitality may often be all about a good sales pitch, but your viva is anything but that. This session will discuss hints and tips about preparing for your viva, what to expect, and common questions asked. Join us to philosophise the purpose of a viva and how to approach it both mentally and physically to have the best chance of success.

Workshop 2: Case Study Methodology in Hospitality Research

When: Thursday November 25th at 2- 3pm UK time

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Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Kadir Çakar

The use of the case study approach as a method in hospitality is generally questioned due to the lack of knowledge in terms of the applicability of qualitative case studies. The aim of this workshop is to increase the recognition of the use of qualitative case studies both in their doctoral thesis and future possible research. It also aims to provide doctoral candidates with a deeper and better understanding of the use of case studies and thus strives to shed light on the areas of concern.

Participants will learn the following:

  • Understanding the nature of qualitative case studies;
  • Trustworthiness in qualitative case studies
  • Determining the unit of analysis in qualitative case studies
  • Types of data sources in qualitative case studies.

Workshop 3: Finding your Doctorate Writing Joy

When: February 24th from 3-5:30pm UK time

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Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Alisha Ali

Academic writing serves up both pleasure and pain. Pleasure – when we are productive and reaping the rewards. Pain – when we struggle to maintain our writing, leading to feelings of frustration and fear. Developing sustainable writing habits is a challenge for doctoral researchers as well as academics. The purpose of this workshop is to explore how we can enrich and sustain our approach to writing and find our doctorate writing joy.

What will I learn?

  • Explore the writing myths
  • Delve into the strategies used to create productive writing habits
  • Experiment with these strategies
  • Engage in a short writing workshop.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to these workshops.