Each year at the CHME Research Conference hospitality academics, industry or association personnel are awarded a Fellowship for their contribution to hospitality


Existing CHME Honorary Fellows


Michael McKechnie (April 2004)

Dolf Mogendorff (April 2004)

Bill Nevett (April 2004)

John O’Connor (April 2004)

Helen Price (April 2004)

Geoffrey Cowell (April 2004)

Yvonne Guerrier (April 2004)

Clive Robertson (April 2004)

Conrad Lashley  (April 2005)

Prof. John Beavis (September 2005)

Pauline Wright  (September 2005)

Vicky Harris (September 2005)

Prof. Peter Harris (September 2006)

Prof. David Kirk (September 2006)

Prof. Alison Morrison (May 2007)

Prof. Stephen Ball (May 2009)

Prof.Andrew Lockwood  (May 2009)

Prof. David Litteljohn  (May 2010)

Prof. Peter Jones (May 2011)

Rita Carmouche (May 2012)

Prof. David Foskett (May 2013)

Philippe Rossiter (May 2014)

Prof. Roy Wood (May 2014)

Prof. Angela Roper (May 2015)

Dr Maureen Brookes  (May 2015)

Prof. Anna Murray (May2016)

Prof. Clayton Barrows  (May 2016)

Dr Helen Atkinson  (May 2016)

Tim West  (June 2016)

Nina Beckett (May 2017)

Isabell Hodgson (May 2017)

Prof. Perry Hobson  (May 2017)

Cathy Burgess (May 2018)

Donald Sloan  (May 2019)

Trevor Laffin (May 2019)

Prof. Jill Poulston  (May 2021) delayed by Covid from 2020

Peter Ducker  (May 2022)