Membership Categories

There are two grades of membership – full members and affiliated members.

Full membership is available to institutions or individuals, in universities and colleges based in the UK or internationally.

Affiliate membership is available to companies and organizations associated with the hospitality industry.

Any organisation or individual interested in joining CHME should contact Isabell Hodgson- CHME Coordinator or complete the application form .

A fuller description of membership categories and current annual fees are shown on the online form.


In addition to membership, CHME encourages and accepts approaches from individuals or organizations wishing to be associated with CHME as patrons.
Patrons will be those individuals or organizations giving influential or financial support to CHME.
For more information concerning becoming a CHME patron contact Isabell Hodgson - CHME Coordinator.


Category of Membership

Institutional - Full Membership (£350)

This covers membership for all staff at a university or college, in the UK or internationally, which as an institution subscribe to CHME and whose subscription is paid.

Individual – Full Membership (£85)

This covers membership for an individual, whose university or college does not subscribe to CHME, but who subscribe and pay a subscription for themselves.

Institutional – Affiliated Membership (£350)

This covers membership for all employees or individuals whose employing company or organisation subscribes to CHME and whose subscription is paid.