CHME award winners

OB Studentsmall Elisavet Anastasia Naomi Morrris2

The student CHME award is presented each year by member universities and colleges to a hospitality student who is deemed worthy of this award. 

The criteria for making this award is very much up to each institution and we encourage the institution to set their own criteria and decide which hospitality student should be presented with this award. However, we consider this award to be both valuable and prestigious to the recipient and certainly a recognition of excellence - be it the best dissertation or industry project, the highest overall marks for their final year.


The following students have been awarded for 2020


Greenwich University- Marija Elizabete Rasmane

Manchester Metropolitan University- Katie-Jane Flynn

Oxford Brookes University- Georgios Benetatos (1st photograph)

Surrey University- Georgi D Dimov

University of Central Lancashire- Elisavet Efkarpidi (2nd photo)

University of West London- Anastasia DeMenezes (3rd photo)

Robert Gordon University - Naomi Morris (4th photo)

Derby UniversitySophie Pegler 

































The following students were awarded at the 2019 graduations-


Jade Holyland- University of Derby

Tom de Vries- Stenden Hotel School (photo 1)

Giullio Butelli- Westminster Kingsway College (photo 2)

Yu-Chum Chou- Sheffield Hallam University
Sophie Chapman- Robert Gordon University (photo 3)
Hannah Nguyen- University of Brighton
Ricky Currie- Edinburgh Napier University





The following students were awarded at the 2018 summer graduations-



Luke Jenkins- Leeds Beckett University- also a 2018 Young Guns finalist.

Hannah Sheehan-White- London South Bank University

Andrew O'Hare-Edinburgh Napier

Chloe Turner- Plymouth University- second photo

Vyara Ekova-University of Brighton

Maree Stansfield-Auckland University of Technology - top photograph

Anna Darby- Derby University

Layla Harrop- University of East London

Rhuari O'Brien- Sheffield Hallam University

Jelmer van der Bos-Stenden Hotel Management School (third photo)