Friends of CHME

Organisations that we collaborate closely with include:

STR SHARE Center  

STR Global (Smith Travel Research) has provided a benchmarking service to the hotel industry for three decades and, in addition to providing regular performance data to over 50,000 hotels, STR conducts regular presentations at international conferences and provides a variety of products and services to a wide range of organisations in the hotel industry.

The STR SHARE Center has over 530 member schools from 56 different countries who receive the following, in addition to the extensive hotel and tourism data:

  • training programmes and materials;

  • global industry articles and publications;

  • webinars for faculty and students;

  • speaker support for academics;

  • regular educator newsletters; and

  • access to educator forums connecting academia with industry.

The Institute of Hospitality

The Institute of Hospitality is the professional body for managers and aspiring managers working and studying in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry.