Teaching and Learning

Our Role in Learning and Teaching

CHME adopts a proactive role in formulating policy and practice in learning and teaching in hospitality education within the UK. CHME members have acted in an advisory capacity to the QAA on subject benchmark statements and assessment standards, to the British Council on hospitality education in the UK, to the QCA on qualifications, and to People 1st, the sectors skills council for hospitality, transport, travel and tourism.

Our interest in teaching and learning goes beyond an advisory capacity; we also seek to encourage and promote best practice. At the CHME Annual Research Conference, a growing number of UK and international pedagogic researchers present their work through peer-reviewed papers that address a wide-range of current pedagogic issues within hospitality management education.

Despite the demise of the Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Network (HLST) Network, CHME continues to maintain close links with the Higher Education Academy. The HEA will continue to provide individual and institutional support to our subject community through three broad areas of engagement: academic practice development; teacher excellence and institutional strategy and change.  


At present, the extensive learning and teaching resources developed through the HLST are still available, free of charge, through the HLST website.

However, as the External Examiners Register will no longer be supported by the HEA, CHME has developed an external examiner register for use to help support its members.


Useful Links:

The Quality Assurance Agency has published the first chapter of its UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education sets out the expectations that all UK higher education providers are required to meet. The code is currently under development, with Chapter B7: External Examining being the first elements of the code to be officially published.

Chapter B7: External Examining comprises a series of Indicators which higher education providers have agreed reflect sound practice, and through which institutions can demonstrate that they are meeting the relevant expectations, regarding external examining.

The chapter can be downloaded in PDF format from the QAA Website.

More information on the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.



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