What is hospitality research?

The Annual Research Conference has been an important forum for the development of hospitality research. In 2001, to mark ten years of the conference a book of the best papers was produced: Roper, A. and Guerrier, Y. (2001) A Decade of Hospitality Management Research: Tenth Anniversary Volume, CHME/Threshold Press.  In the early days the conference, tracks tended to be around the different management discipline areas but as it has progressed there has been the development of three main thematic streams which reflect the more contemporary nature of hospitality research. These are Cultural and Critical Studies in Hospitality, Developments in Applied Hospitality Management Research and Research and Practice in Teaching, Learning and Assessment. In the 2009 conference a fourth thematic stream was Culinary Arts and Technology and in 2010 this was Food and Consumer Studies.

How does CHME look to encourage, promote and influence good quality hospitality research?

We do all of these things through the following ways:Annual CHME Research Conference
For twenty years now we have held annual research conferences promoting excellence in research, scholarship and teaching and learning in hospitality, leisure and tourism. This conference has been hosted over the years by all the major providers of hospitality education and research in UK universities.

In 2014, the conference was hosted by Derby University at the Buxton Campus, Buxton, Derbyshire, photographs from the conference can be viewed on this section.

The 2015 conference was hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University from 20-22nd May 2015. Full details can be viewed on - photographs will be available soon on this site.

The 2016 conference was hosted by Ulster University in Belfast. The Theme is 'Inspire, Innovate, Succeed' and more details are available on the website-  

The 2017 Conference was hosted by the University of Northern Denmark, Aalborg from 16-19th May 2017. The topic was Beyond Borders.

The 2018 conference was hosted at Bournemouth University from 22nd-25th May 2018. The theme will be Innovation in hospitality: Connecting all stakeholders to deliver memorable experiences

The 2019 conference was hosted by the University of Greenwich

The 2020 Conference will be hosted by Sheffield Hallam University 13-15th May. postponed due to pandemic

The 2021 Conference is being hosted by Sheffield Hallam University 12-14th May

The 2022 Confernece will be hosted by Edinburgh Napier University


Submissions from colleagues from universities and colleges outside of the UK are particularly welcomed to the conference.

Offers from member institutions to host a future conference are always welcomed. Complete the attached form and send to Isabell Hodgson CHME Coordinator for consideration by the executive committee.

CHME Conference Proposal

Membership of Research Bodies

Academy of Social Sciences (

Work with industry

Knowledge Transfer and Research Capacity
CHME Business Knowledge Transfer and Research Activities

Through its higher education membership network, CHME offers a range of knowledge transfer and research activities to the hospitality industry. If you have a business problem or organisational development needs you wish to discuss or need research undertaken, CHME can inform you of its range of members’ services that may be able to help you, or direct you to a member institution local to you that may be able to assist. Examples of major CHME member activities are given below.

CASE Studentships

Designed to promote research collaboration between industry and academia. Can be used to investigate current "hot" topics, to develop projects of common interest.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Europe's leading programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships involve the forming of a partnership between your company (the company partner) and the academic institute (knowledge base partner), enabling you to access skills and expertise to help your company develop. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships provide resources and expertise to thriving organisations that wish to innovate, expand or improve their performance.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can help your company:

  • find an innovative solution to help your business grow
  • increase your competitive advantage
  • access qualified people to spearhead new projects
  • access experts who can help take your business forward

Small and Medium Enterprise Support

Some universities provide financial support to fund projects that support businesses working with the higher education institution, with a view to establishing a long-term relationship.


A CHME member will listen to your research need and advise on how best it can be met through one or more of its university members.


Continuous Professional Development

CHME membership organisations offer a wide range of continuous professional development courses to support the hospitality and leisure retailing industries. CHME will listen to your need and advise on the provider most closely fitting your requirements.
CHME has worked with a number of organisations in the completion of research and consultancy projects. In the completion of these projects CHME members have worked in a consortium which has involved member institutions bringing their specialist strengths and expertise to particular research areas. Clients have particularly benefited from being able to access a very diverse range of expertise and from the extensive research resources available to members.
Clients include:

  • Hospitality Training Foundation
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England
  • British Hospitality Association
  • Joint Hospitality Industry Congress
  • People 1st
  • HE Academy

Research reports

We have been commissioned to undertake the following reports which aim to inform decisions about the future of hospitality education and research provision to government, industry and academia.:


2015 the UK's Higher Education Academy contacted CHME to help identify present and future challenges facing hospitality management education. We have published a paper in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, which discusses some of our key findings. The paper is available to read  Just follow this link:

2005    ‘Identifying Current Research On Skills: a literature review for People 1st , Undertaken on Behalf of CHME for People 1st.

2001    ‘Getting Ahead: graduate careers in the hospitality industry, Bristol: Higher Education Funding Council England Undertaken by CHME, commissioned by Higher Education Funding Council – England.

2000    ‘Benefits And Costs Analysis: exploring the impact of training on hospitality business performance, commissioned by Hospitality Training Foundation.

1999    ‘Costs and Benefits Analysis: the Impact of Training on Hospitality Business Performance, commissioned by Hospitality Training Foundation budget.

1998    ‘Review of Hospitality Management Education’, , Bristol: Higher Education Funding Council England, commissioned by Higher Education Funding Council – England.

1997    ‘In the world of Hospitality.. anything they can do..we can do better.’ Commissioned by  the Joint Hospitality Industry Congress.

We also commissioned reports ourselves, such as:

2009 and 2011    ‘Review of Hospitality Management Education ’, Undertaken for and on behalf of CHME by Leeds Metropolitan University.

2008    ‘A Review of Hospitality Management Education in the UK’, Undertaken for and on behalf of     CHME by Sheffield Hallam University.

2005 and 2006    ‘A Review of Hospitality Management Education in the UK’, Undertaken for and on behalf of     CHME by Leeds Metropolitan University.

Official Responses on Research-Related Matters

CHME advises the Department of Culture Media and Sport on areas of tourism policy, the ESRC on research funding and HEFCE on the RAE (REF).

We have recently responded to the Association of Business School (ABS) about their Journal Quality Grading Guide Version 3  with reference to Tourism and Hospitality Journals.

We recommend the following journals in our area

British Food Journal
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly)
FIU Hospitality Review
Food and Foodways

Hospitality and Society - this journal is sponsored by The Council for Hospitality Management Education and 2 copies of each edition are provided to member institutions and individual members.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
International Journal of Hospitality Management
Journal of Hospitality Leisure Sports and Tourism Education (JOHLSTE)
International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration
Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research
Services Industries Journal
Tourism and Hospitality Planning and Development

Links with hospitality conferences and other conferences with hospitality themes

Cauthe :
British Academy of Management:

People with responsibility for research in CHME include several members of the CHME executive.
You can contact the following CHME Executive members to discuss hospitality research

Chair of the CHME-Research Group Dr Peter Lugosi, Oxford Brookes University. Email: 


Our vision is to create a hospitality forum where researchers can come together to primarily share knowledge and ideas. The aim is to initially build relations virtually with a future intention to arrange social events and workshops involving guest speakers. This will generate an opportunity to network and build valuable contacts in order to support one another and share ideas in undertaking research.

If you feel this is something which would be of interest you, and would like to be involved please contact Dr. Peter Lugosi