CHME and its members work with the hospitality industry at a number of levels and with a variety of players.

Industry Partners:

CHME do not have any specific industry partners. As an organisation we welcome and are willing to engage with employers within all sectors of the hospitality industry and build relationships to the mutual benefit of our members and the industry employer.  We work with the hospitality industry in a variety of ways and at various  levels from Board rooms to individual units.  We are pleased to have an industrial representative on the Executive Committee.

Commercial and Enterprise Activities: CHME has worked with a number of organisations in the completion of research and consultancy projects. In the completion of these projects CHME members have worked in a consortium which has involved member institutions bringing their specialist strengths and expertise to particular research areas. Clients have particularly benefited from being able to access a very diverse range of expertise and from the extensive research resources available to members.

CHME is  always happy to discuss future opportunities and the Executive Committee is happy to coordinate a consortium of member institutions to carry out commercial activities whether large or small and local.  Initial contact can be through:
Isabell Hodgson  email: i.r.hodgson (at)
CHME Coordinator

Individual Member Relationships with Industry: CHME fully supports and encourages all of its members to work with industry players at a variety of levels.   Industry involvement often starts with the writing of the degree programmes and carries on through to support at Graduation events for prizes.  Some examples of relationships that individual members have with industry players and employers are listed below:
•    Support with new course validation events.
•    Individuals participating on validation panels and/or as external examiners.
•    Participation on Guest Speaker Programmes.
•    Participation in careers development programmes through providing speakers, CV support workshops and attendance at graduation and recruitment fairs.
•    Provision of structured paid placements meeting Springboard’s Inspire standards.
•    Participation in student activities and tasks through setting projects or supporting student consultancy projects.
•    Hosting site visits and tours of businesses for students.
•    Financial support for student societies and activities.
•    Graduate employment and provision of Graduate Employment Programmes.
•    Playing a part in an industrial advisors board

All individual members value the relationships they have with employers large and small, branded and independent, international and local.  Members would welcome the approach of those in industry to discuss involvement in many of the above activities.

Work with industry:

Through its higher education membership network, CHME offers a range of knowledge transfer and research activities to the hospitality industry. If you have a business problem or organisational development needs you wish to discuss or need research undertaken, CHME can inform you of its range of members’ services that may be able to help with your needs, or direct you to a member institution local to you that may be able to assist. Examples of major CHME member activities are given below.

CASE Studentships; Designed to promote research collaboration between industry and academia. Can be used to investigate current "hot" topics, to develop projects of common interest,

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships; Europe's leading programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships involve the forming of a partnership between your company (the company partner) and the academic institute (knowledge base partner), enabling you to access skills and expertise to help your company develop. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships provide resources and expertise to thriving organisations that wish to innovate, expand or improve their performance.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can help your company:

•    find an innovative solution to help your business grow
•    increase your competitive advantage
•    access qualified people to spearhead new projects
•    access experts who can help take your business forward.

Small and Medium Enterprise Support; Some universities provide financial support to fund projects that support businesses working with the higher education institution, with a view to establishing a long-term relationship.

Research; A CHME executive member responsible for research will listen to your research need and advise on how best it can be met through one or more of its university members.
Research contacts are:

CHME  Chair: Dr Ioannis S. Pantelidis University of Brighton twitter: @pantelidiis or linkedin:

Or Dr Peter Lugosi, Reader, School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University. Email: plugosi (at)

Conferences: Industrial representatives are often present at the CHME Research Conference. We welcome them as participants and frequently have key note speakers from industry.