Constantly enhancing the quality of our students’ experience is CHME’s number one priority, with this in mind

CHME was proud to be involved with the Young Guns Hospitality Student of the Year Award for the last 3 years with their co-sponsors Lexington Catering, The Institute of Hospitality and Caterer.

For 2017, CHME is delighted to take the lead again working closely with a new partner the RAF Club, Piccadilly, The Caterer and the Institute of Hospitality. All CHME institutions are encouraged to enter their very best final year students for this prestigious and longstanding award. Please contact Isabell Hodgson, CHME Coordinator or use the following link which provides details for 2018.

Reflecting on teaching practice, producing high quality research and maintaining meaningful links with industry all contribute to the provision of valuable educational programmes. In addition, we encourage students to become actively involved in CHME activities.

Networking with students and academics from other universities and colleges, gaining an understanding of the wider educational environment and engaging in debate can all deliver tangible benefits to students.

Students can attend any CHME event, but the central focus for this coming year is their involvement in the Institute of Hospitalty Passion4Hospitality debate held in March each year, this event attracts hospitality management students from throughout the UK.

Students who want to learn more about any event, or any other opportunities to get involved with CHME, should get in touch: .

PhD Student sponsorship

CHME together with The Total Simulator Company (TSC) have launched an award for ONE PhD student to attend the annual CHME Research Conference. Full details of this award are available via

Further competitions and activities offered annually include--


Institute of Hospitality- Passion 4 Hospitality Debate

Monday 13th March Passion 4 Hospitality 2017 P4H
Whether you are a student or hospitality professional, don’t miss your chance to participate in two exciting competitions during Passion 4 Hospitality 2017. Register your interest now.


EM Cup held in Amsterdam each January-



Savoy Mentoring Scheme.